Differences Between an Aerobic Tank in Lewisville TX and a Conventional Septic System

by | Sep 9, 2016 | Plumbing

An Aerobic Tank in Lewisville TX is an alternative to a conventional septic system. Both are private wastewater treatment systems that are prevalent on rural residential properties. A conventional system only has one tank, which gradually separates solids, liquids, and scum. The liquids move to a drain field in the yard that filters and purifies them. In contrast, an aerobic system includes three tanks and a disinfectant device. This device may be an ultraviolet lamp or a chlorine chamber.

All the waste water in an aerobic system moves to a trash tank, and the liquids then move to an aerobic treatment tank. A pump tank transports the treated material to dispersal areas in the yard. This is also known as a spray field because the underground system sprays the material into the soil. The soil there provides the final purifying of the waste water. Plentiful vegetation on this land is recommended, as it helps with the filtration process.

As with a conventional septic system, an Aerobic Tank in Lewisville TX relies on bacteria to break down solids and separate solid materials from the liquid. It’s important for the home’s residents and their guests not to flush items that harm the bacteria or interfere with their work. The routine use of bleach in the laundry, for instance, is inadvisable. Overloading the system with food scraps from the garbage disposal can be problematic as well.

Most people are familiar with the concept of “aerobic” in regard to a style of exercise that improves the body’s ability to use oxygen. An aerobic treatment system is so named because the bacteria in this equipment require oxygen to function properly. An air compressor on the property provides air to the treatment unit. In contrast, a septic system does not use oxygen for its treatment methods. Its bacteria are anaerobic, unlike those in the other system. Aerobic bacteria break down materials more rapidly and thus the aerobic system is more effective than the conventional kind. Property owners who are unsure about which system they should have installed may find more information with a company such as Texas Integrity Septic.

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