Decorating Your Garden with a Solar Tabletop Lantern

by | Jun 22, 2015 | Home and Garden

Decorating your garden is an excellent way to make it look much better. If you have placed a table and some garden chairs outside, why not place a solar tabletop lantern in the middle? The garden is an excellent place for you to relax in the evening. As night approaches, you will need a light in the garden. Not only does it serve an obvious purpose, but it also adds to the design element of your house. A beautiful garden light can illuminate the exterior, and create a wonderful backdrop of silhouettes and shadows on the walls.

If you have decided to place a tabletop lantern in the center, it is a wise idea to purchase something that really attracts the eye. Almost everybody sitting around the table will look at the lantern now and then. It will be the center of attention in the room. That is why you need something that not only looks good, but is also easy on the eyes. An uncovered light bulb will certainly not do the trick.
Fortunately, there are many types of garden lanterns available. Most of these are powered by rechargeable batteries. However, these batteries tend to run out within a couple of months. In a few days, the light of the lantern will begin to diminish. That is why you need a permanent fix. Buying a solar tabletop lantern could make your life very easy.

How Does it Work?

Solar lanterns are all the rave these days. The lantern is powered by a NiCad battery and is fitted with a small solar panel. If you get plenty of sunlight during the day, placing a solar lantern in the middle is a great option. The solar panel will continue to absorb the solar energy from the sun, and will recharge the NiCad battery throughout the day. At night, when the lights are down, all you have to do is flick a switch on the lantern. The battery is much stronger as compared to the conventional models, and will give you years of trouble free service.

Buying a Lantern

Solar lanterns are available in a variety of different designs. Usually, tabletop lanterns are smaller as compared to hanging lanterns. They are made out of powder-coated steel in order to prevent the lantern from rusting quickly. Before you buy a lantern, make sure you look at the designs on offer. Usually, it is wise to buy a lantern with a stable base. Oblong or cylindrical shaped lanterns are an excellent choice. You can also choose between modern and vintage options. The standard dimensions for these lanterns are 11.5”H x 5.5”W x 5.5”D.  For more information click here

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