Criteria of a Good Kitchen Countertop

Several different types of kitchen countertops have popped up over the years. From laminate, to granite, to wood etc. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to decide which one is best for you, your house, and of course, your budget. Luckily, there is a solution to this, in the form of a set of criteria that all countertops should follow before being put on the market. So, if you are wondering what criteria by which to judge kitchen countertops in Manhattan, read on for the following short list.

#1. Durability

Generally speaking, you want to find a countertop that you are reasonably certain could be stood on by three people without so much as a crack. A good kitchen countertop needs to be able to take all but the most intense of abuse. This is why most people tend to go with polished granite countertops if they can afford it. Polished granite is one of the toughest materials for countertops you can find on today’s market. So if durability is top on your list, that should be your first consideration.

#2. Maintenance

What this means is that certain countertops need more oversight than others when it comes to cleanliness, damage, and so forth. For example, wood countertops are, by their nature, incredibly heat resistant, whereas laminate countertops are not. Thus you should feel more inclined to put a pot fresh off the stove on one rather than the other. Likewise, quartz and granite are much more stain resistant than wood. Research each material while browsing and make sure you’re aware of what each one is going to ask of you in terms of maintenance.

#3. Cost

This will be the deciding factor for most people. Kitchen countertops, on no uncertain terms, are expensive investments. They’re big chucks of either rock, wood, or some other material, that someone has to come manually install and prepare for you. Cost tends to add up when it comes to countertops. Thankfully, the bulk of it is the cost of the countertop itself, which you have control of how much you’ll be paying for it. Be very thorough when shopping, and compare every price to each other. This is definitely something that you want to be sure of.

Choosing a kitchen countertop can be very easy when you know what you’re looking for in one. Whether it be something durable, cost effective, or low maintenance. And you can find countertop options that hit all three of these criteria at Italian Tile NYC.

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