Creating a Safe and Eco-friendly Environment for your Family – Composite Decking Adelaide

by | May 24, 2014 | Home and Garden

Providing a safe and happy environment for your family should be the primary agenda for everyone. Who wouldn’t give everything for the safety of their loved ones? This is especially true when there are children running around the house. We don’t want a loose plank or perhaps a splinter ruin what could be a great family day!

Aesthetic beauty of one’s home can be the envy of everyone. But of course, you never sacrifice safety in place of a stunning interior or exterior part of your home. So why not combine both? This is very much possible when you use alternative composite timber products.

Composite Decking Adelaide

Composite decking boards are a fantastic innovation introduced to the building industry in the early 1990s. They are made up of a combination of recycled materials, including recycled plastic HDPE (post industrial waste), discarded rice husks and wood flour (sawdust), perfect for the environment. You can get composite decking boards in Adelaide by visiting local hardware stores like Masters who stock some of Australia’s leading manufacturer’s products.

Family Protection Guaranteed

As time passes by, traditional hardwood timber is susceptible to warping, cracking, twisting, bending and splints brought about by constant changes in weather conditions. The intense heat from Adelaide’s summer sun, soaking wet in the rain or even those odd days where we get heavy piles of snow may weaken boards to such an extent that they pose as a hazard to your family, friends and visitors. We never know when accidents might occur as a result, and of course, we don’t want these things to happen.

Composite deck boards are scientifically engineered to be resistant to harsh weather conditions and do not bend or rot. UV inhibitors and anti fungal solutions that are part of its material make it resistant to warping, bending and splinters, as well as outgrowth of mould and mildew. And mind you, the boards are slip resistant too! If you want to help protect your family from an old, angry and outdated deck – go composite!

Futurewood is a leading manufacturer of Composite Decking in Adelaide. Futurewood aims to provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions that help minimize the risks that traditional hardwood-decking pose.

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