Create a Frame for Your Custom Cabinets

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Kitchen Improvements

Kitchen cabinets aren’t cheap, especially not if you commit yourself to purchasing top quality cabinetry. You can lower the cost some if you’re willing to frame them yourself instead of having the manufacture do it for you. A willingness to invest your time could save you a respectable amount of money, even after you’ve purchased the supplies.

Some people have opted to skip the frame altogether, and have installed frameless cabinetry in their kitchens. While this is a great way to save money, in the long run it will turn out to be a mistake. The purpose of the frame is to add some stability. Framed cabinets are always going to be stronger, and last longer, than unframed cabinets.

If you intend to frame the cabinets yourself, this needs to be something you’ve decided before you make a purchase. Remember the frame will enlarge the cabinet, something that could really influence whether or not it will fit in the space you’ve selected. You should anticipate the frame adding about a ½ inch minimum to the total size.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a woodworking master to construct some frames for your new custom cabinets in Stuart, Florida. While some carpenters do add some really elaborate touches and designs to the frames, there’s nothing that says you have to do the same. A plain frame will enhance the cupboard without making it any less beautiful.

Although there aren’t any hard fast rules, when it comes to making frames for the custom cabinets, you’re going to find things look best when you stick to the same type of wood that was used for the construction of the custom cabinets. Using the same variety of wood creates a nice uniform appearance everyone will appreciate.

If you know you’re going to be making the frames for you custom cabinets yourself you need to talk to the person who will be creating the cupboards and tell them your plan. Ask them to leave the wood they work with bare, to not put any finish on it at all. This provides you with an opportunity got to make sure the exact same color gets used on both the cabinet and the frame. Even the smallest difference in color will irritate you.

Before you start to work with the wood, you will want to stain and color it. Whenever possible you should stain your wood pieces before assembly. While you wait for your frame parts to dry, you can start to add the finishing touches to your custom cabinets.

After you have completed work on your frame, place it around your cabinets and put everything in place. If you’re mounting the unit on the wall, make sure you use heavy duty, top quality mounts.

Kitchens enjoys a reputation for having some of the best custom cabinets Stuart, Florida. When you make use of their services you can rest assured you’re getting a top quality product.

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