Best Trees For Landscaping In Kihei

Trees are a lovely and important element in landscaping in Kihei. They provide useful shade as well as visual beauty to a yard and home. However, some trees can provide problems over time that may even result in the need for them to be removed. This also then requires tree stump grinding in Kihei. If you would rather avoid this down the road, it is better to look for some trees to plant that are not as likely to have such problems. Following is a description of some trees that are good performers for the climate in Kihei and the surrounding areas.

A tree grows in a vase shape to a medium size. It offers a smooth, attractive bark and a very showy display of lovely white flowers in May. It will require pruning when new to develop the proper branch structure. A Fringetree is a smaller tree, almost shrublike and also flowers in May and the females provide pretty blue berries in the autumn.

American and European Beech trees work well in the area near Virginia Beach and other western parts of the state. If you have recently had a tree removed from your yard, make sure that you have had good tree stump grinding in Chesapeake prior to planting a new tree. These beech varieties will grow to large sizes and need adequate space. Also note that they have shallower roots and therefore you are not likely to have a lush lawn right around the base of the tree. Two maple varieties should be considered as well—the Paperbark Maple and the Sweetgum Maple. The first is a slow grower to a smaller size with lovely exfoliating bark and is resistant to most of the diseases that bother other maple trees. The Sweetgum can get a fungal disease but is otherwise resistant. It offers a spectacular showing of fall foliage colors with a brilliant mix of yellow, red, orange and purple.

A Kousa Dogwood is a smaller tree. It is more disease resistant to certain problems than flowering dogwoods although it can be susceptible to a powdery mildew. Ginko Biloba has been around since the dinosaur era due largely to the fact that it is incredibly insect and disease resistant. Ensure that you purchase a male tree to avoid the fleshy seeds. This tree will be a large, beautiful one with lovely yellow foliage in the fall.

This list of trees good for the Kihei area is certainly not exhaustive as there are many others that would be good candidates for your yard but this can give you a start and illustrate the wide range of choices that you have. Whether you are planting in a new place or replacing another tree after tree stump grinding in Kihei, any of these trees will get you off to a good start.

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