Benefits of Installing Residential Steel Windows in Avalon, NJ

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Doors

Steel windows have a long history of use in commercial and industrial buildings. Recently, though, there has been a trend toward incorporating them into residential homes as well. Read on to find out about a few of the benefits of Residential Steel Windows in Avalon, NJ homeowners can expect to reap from jumping on board with this trend.

Narrow Sightlines

Architects have long been incorporating steel windows into their designs in order to take advantage of their narrow sightlines, as they help to create a unique architectural style. The reason these sightlines can be so minimal is that steel is an extremely strong material, which makes it possible to use smaller amounts of it for structural support. The result is a distinctive, eye-catching style that looks great from both the inside and the outside of the home.

Thermal Efficiency

Since steel windows require less material to hold their glass panes in place, it’s possible to allow more sunlight in during the coolest months of winter. Recent innovations in glass performance have created solutions that offer remarkably low thermal transfer throughout the year, so there’s no reason to worry that this will lead to higher air conditioning bills in the summer. Just be sure to check the U-values of the glass being used to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Increased Longevity

Steel windows are inherently more durable than their wood, vinyl, and aluminum counterparts. This leads to an unsurpassed longevity that helps to offset the sometimes higher cost of having them installed. When they choose Residential Steel Windows in Avalon, NJ homeowners can expect them to last a lifetime with correct installation and proper ongoing care.

Low Maintenance

Providing that ongoing maintenance doesn’t have to be a hassle. Today’s steel windows are available with a variety of different coatings, which can help to prevent corrosion and keep them looking great with less maintenance.

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Interested in having steel windows installed in a residential home? South Jersey Glass & Door has all of the experience required to work with these specialty windows to create a unique curb appeal that perfectly matches the exterior and interior décor of just about any home. Visit to learn more about the company or get in touch to request a quote today.

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