About Aluminum Recycling in NJ

by | Feb 6, 2014 | Waste Management

If you are considering your options for aluminum recycling in NJ, particularly in the Vineland and Milville areas, you will be pleased to learn that you have an excellent option for local recycling. You can find a local aluminum recycling facility that does all types of recycling for customers in every sector including the commercial customers, the construction customers, and the residential customers.

The amount of aluminum that you have accumulated really doesn’t matter because the facility that does aluminum recycling in NJ can do recycling of any amount from a small box full of aluminum cans up to a huge dumpster full of cans. If you have a great deal of scrap metal and it is all mixed together (for example the remnants of a construction site) you can still have the recycling done by the facility. You don’t need to separate the aluminum from the other types of metals yourself because the company has sophisticated equipment that is able to search through the different metals and separate them. The machine will even conveniently bale the aluminum for you!

Aluminum is one of the most valuable of the metals that you can recycle in New Jersey today. You may have heard something about “ferrous” and “non ferrous” metals in relation to recycling before. This is a distinction that is made for valuation purposes, and having non ferrous metals is definitely the best when it comes to value. Aluminum is one of the non ferrous metals, meaning it is far more valuable than ferrous metals such as iron. If a metal is magnetic, like iron, then it is considered ferrous and if it does not adhere to a magnet it will be considered non ferrous.

When you want to get aluminum recycling services in NJ you should not hesitate to take your metals in for evaluation. You can even do a dumpster rental to collect your aluminum in one convenient place before having it valued.

You may think that a little bit of aluminum won’t amount to much because it is so light weight, but if you steadily collect those aluminum cans or other pieces of scrap aluminum over time you will be very amazed at just how much money that it can really end up yielding for you!


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