How to Tell If Gutters Have Hail Damage

by | Feb 7, 2014 | Home Improvement

Hail can cause a world of damage to both your landscape and your property. If this damage is not detected, then it could be causing your home more harm than good. If your property has experienced harsh weather conditions such as heavy winds or hail, then you may notice that your roof has been damaged. If this is the case, then your gutters are most likely damaged as well. Gutters lead rain water away from your home by directing it into local drains. If you gutters are damaged or clogged, then the water flow will not be as efficient and this can lead to both flooding and water damage to your property.

How to Tell if Your Gutters Are Damaged

To find out the extent of the damage, you should first look around the exterior of your home. If your car, roof and driveway are covered in thick hail, then your gutters have most likely experienced damage. Crater impacts can cause small holes to form in the guttering. In the winter, water can freeze over these holes and cause the gutters to become blocked. Another way to tell if guttering has hail damage is to look for dents. Dents can appear either on the guttering leading up to the roof, or on the roof guttering itself. If you have plastic guttering, then you may not see any dents. Instead, you would see white scrapes where the hail has bounced off the plastic. These stress marks are clear indications of hail damage, and they should be inspected immediately to ensure no minute holes are present.

The Consequences of Failing to Repair Your Gutters

If you do not repair your gutters in Columbia, IL after they have received hail damage, then you open yourself up for further cost and expense. In some cases, hail can loosen the screws and fixtures that keep your gutter in place. Failure to repair this will cause gutters to collapse, causing damage to vehicles nearby, your landscape, and any structures near damaged guttering. This can all be prevented by hiring a contractor to repair your gutter in the event of damage.

ASAP Contracting USA is a hail damage repair company that focuses on roofs and gutters in Columbia, IL. They have the ability to completely repair or replace existing guttering, to ensure your home if fully protected.

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