21st Century Solutions for Wall Reinforcement

A sizable portion of blast protection technology is centered around developing solutions that will address areas such as doorways and windows.  Indeed, these locations cannot be overlooked and countless lives have been saved from adopting mesh curtains and other systems.  However, the very walls of a structure itself will also need to be reinforced.  Should they be left in their normal form, pieces of them can often times become deadly debris.  In the case of a massive explosion (such as that which would be caused by a car or truck bomb, the structural integrity of the building may become compromised; resulting in a further loss of life.  So, there are a number of wall reinforcement systems that need to be considered for properties that are prone to such events.  Let us take a look at two of the most common.

Wire Mesh

Woven steel cords can often be used to reinforce an existing wall or column.  These are much more effective than simply adding another layer of rebar and concrete.  Also, traditional solutions can be difficult to retrofit and are known to be extremely expensive.  The addition of wire mesh will help ensure that an exterior wall will not fragment in the event of a significant blast.  Also, such systems are easy to install and will not add a significant amount of weight to a building; a key factor from an architectural and an engineering point of view.

Protective Coatings

Other wall reinforcement systems will involve the addition of protective coatings over an existing surface.  These coatings can either be used as an anti-spalling solution or instead to mitigate the effect of blast overpressures.  Another advantage to these coatings is that they are easy to apply.  In fact, they will normally be sprayed directly upon a wall or column much in the same way that spray-on concrete or insulation would.

Also, these coatings will help prevent a wall from corrosion or rusting while offering a discreet appearance.  This may be ideal for structures that do not wish to attract a great deal of outside protection.

These are two of the most commonly employed wall reinforcement systems currently available.  Both are highly effective at reducing the effects of both blasts and fragmentation.  As the threat from intentional explosions continues to be quite real in many parts of the world, these solutions will remain popular into the foreseeable future.

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