The Advantages of Choosing Orndorff and Spaid, Inc. For Commercial Roofing

by | Mar 27, 2014 | Home Improvement

Commercial roofing represents a big investment for businesses, and they typically work with highly specialized roofing professionals, such as Business Name These experts are uniquely qualified to provide Maryland Commercial Roofing, because they offer benefits that include:

TRAINED PERSONNEL: Incorrect installation is one of the most common reasons for premature roof failures, which is why Business Name roofers are trained to install materials according to manufacturers’ directions. Professionals work with a range of commercial and industrial materials that include concrete, copper, galvanized steel, asphalt, and solar shingles.

EXPERT OVERSIGHT: Commercial roofing jobs require constant oversight, so professionals provide project managers who solve problems, coordinate with customers, and ensure that work is completed on schedule. They may also interact with clients, when roof work is completed in busy areas, such as shopping centers. Professionals make sure that the public is safe from hazards, and they minimize inconvenience.

NEW CONSTRUCTION: Business Name staff will work with builders and architects, to design and install roofing on new construction. They help build churches, shopping malls, warehouses, medical facilities, industrial complexes, and more.

MAINTENANCE: Commercial roofers provide expert inspection services that allow them to find weakened or damaged materials. They can often repair damage, to extend the life of roofing, and prevent minor issues from turning into major, expensive problems. In addition, professionals offer maintenance programs that help prevent leaks, which can improve the relationship between building owners and tenants. It can also save them the expense of replacing property that has been water damaged due to faulty roofing.

RE-ROOFING: When roofing systems are beyond repair, or clients simply want a change, professionals can provide a range of solutions. They will evaluate client needs, and suggest the most budget-friendly replacement materials. These may include energy-efficient options that will lower utility bills and make buildings more comfortable. Technicians can safely and efficiently tear off old roofs and install new systems, with minimal disruption.

Maryland businesses rely on local commercial roofing experts to provide quality inspections, maintenance, repairs, and installations. These professionals work efficiently, offer quality materials and workmanship, and strive to build good relationships with clients. Get in touch with us for more INFO!

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