Window Care Tips From Window Contractor In Farmington Hills MI

When a homeowner has brand new windows installed, his or her first concern is how to protect them and keep them looking beautiful. It’s not hard to do, but window maintenance does require a little time and effort. The following are some helpful window care tips from Window Contractor in Farmington Hills MI.

Keep Them Clean

Perhaps the most obvious maintenance task is keeping windows clean. Regular cleaning can prevent the buildup of dirt and grime that can not only cloud the glass but also gum up the tracks where the window slides up and down or back and forth. To clean window glass, try a mixture of equal parts water and borax, and then buff the glass with a clean blackboard eraser to make it shine. To clean the tracks and other non-glass parts of the window, use a dry brush to loosen and brush away dirt and debris.

Check The Sealant

Windows are typically caulked around the edges to make them air tight and water tight. It’s important to check the caulking for cracks, since it will break down over time. Under normal conditions, windows should be re-caulked about every five years.

Check The Wood And Paint

Another important maintenance step is to inspect the wood and paint both inside and outside the house. Look for cracked or peeling paint and for any signs that the wood is warped or damaged. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause paint to break down, while moisture can cause wood to swell and crack. With a good coat of primer, a window’s paint should last for ten years.

Get An Annual Inspection

To make sure windows are maintained properly, get them inspected by a window contractor in Farmington Hills MI at least once a year. Window Contractors can detect the beginning signs of damage to the wood or glass panes that a homeowner might not notice. A tiny crack in a glass pane, for example, may be letting water in, or it may have released insulating gas between window panes, decreasing the window’s energy efficiency.

Spending a little time and effort maintaining windows can be very rewarding. For more information visit Integrity Home Exteriors.

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