Why Metal Roofing is Underrated, Straight From an Acclaimed Roofing Contractor

by | Feb 11, 2015 | Roofing

Most people turn to asphalt as their default roof type of choice with a Roofing Contractor. It is a perfectly acceptable choice. It lacks recycling and can be a burden on the ever increasing landfills across the nation. But as far as strict budget and versatility goes, the option is the best.

This leaves many individuals choosing it without looking at the other roofing style options. One of the most peculiar and potentially cost-effective options is metal roofing. A Roofing Contractor encourages the user of metal roofing largely because it has some excellent features. Aesthetically, metal roofs were not always the most appealing. But design changes have hidden the broad and general idea of bright metal sheeting into nicely organized metal panels and side sheets shingles. What are some of the best features of metal roofing to make it a great option for a new roof?

The Raw Materials: Metal is used here to explain the culmination of many various metals pulled together. Metal roofing can be copper, zinc alloy, or steel. Each one is slightly different, and most of that revolves around how durable and long lasting it is. Steel is the most superior, second to aluminum and then, arguably, copper. Zinc alloy is an alternative to aluminum.

Shingle Design: In the past, metal roofing was used exclusively in broad sheets that were visually bland. But the appearance has been adjusted to include flat elongated designs and attractive shingles. Designers have come a long way in making metal roofing more suitable for those looking to add some aesthetic appeal to their property- commercial or otherwise.

Weight: Metal sheet, despite popular belief, is extremely lightweight. This has the counter result of being quite non-resistant to wind. It should generally be more appropriate for areas where wind rarely gets excessive. The weight is functional but low, making for an easy installation but potentially not the greatest wind-resistance.

The choice of metal roofing is not always the most obvious one. But property owners have found some of its excellent features as great additions to their property. Visit website for more on metal and other roofing options.

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