Why Many Homeowners Install Pre-Finished Flooring in Greeley, CO Homes

by | Oct 26, 2017 | Flooring

As DIY home improvement has grown in popularity, more Greeley homeowners are deciding to replace their own flooring. Many opt for wood surfaces which add instant beauty and warmth. However, installing wood floors can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially during the finishing stages.

As a result, Pre-finished Flooring in Greeley CO is becoming more common among DIY fans. The ready-to-install floorboards are economical, simple to add and increase worksite safety.

Pre-Finished Flooring Offers Beauty and Convenience

Pre-finished Flooring in Greeley CO is popular among homeowners who want beautiful results and a way to reduce installation time and inconvenience. Factory applied finishes not only provide clients with ready-to-install products but also protect the wood and add beauty.

Traditionally, homeowners or professionals had to install floors, prepare them and then apply several finishing coats. That could take days and still leave flooring susceptible to scratching or dings. Pre-finishing is done during manufacturing, so newly installed floors are beautiful and ready to use.

Finished Products are Health and Budget Friendly

Clients who want to reduce health risks and save money also order pre-finished woods, often at sites like website Although most pre-finished flooring initially costs more than unfinished products, the final expenses are typically less.

That is because customers avoid all of the finishing costs. They get professional results that are much more elegant than the average customer could achieve. Flooring is also healthier to work with than raw wood because installation does not produce dust or toxic VOC’s from solvents and resins.

Installation Time Is Reduced

One of the most attractive features of pre-finished flooring is the quick installation process. It often allows homeowners with little experience to install beautiful floors in a single session. They avoid time-consuming sanding, staining, sealing and top coat application processes. In fact, installers with experience can realistically add a 300 square foot wood floor and its underlayment in less than three hours.
Pre-finished wood flooring has become a popular choice because it combines beauty, convenience, and affordability. Homeowners can buy and install ready-to-use floors in a few hours. The process does not produce the unhealthy vapors that are common when finishing wood floors. You can also visit their Google+ page for more information.

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