Why It is Important to Use Professionals for Pest Control in Irvine

When you see signs of bugs or other pests in your home, your first reaction may be to run to the store and get a can of insecticide. However, this is neither safe nor effective, and the job should be left to professionals. When customers call experts for pest control in Irvine exterminators can quickly and safely solve the problem while offering several benefits which include:

LOCATING ALL PROBLEMS: Many pests, including rodents, insects, and even animals, can make nests in a home’s attics, basement, walls, or even flooring. Even when you eliminate the pests that are visible, it is only a temporary solution. When calling professionals for pest control in Irvine customers are assured that every problem will be discovered, including hidden nests.

SAVING YOUR HOME’S STRUCTURE: Many pests destroy wood, wallpaper, carpeting, and more. Termites tunnel under homes, destabilizing them, and eat away at structures. Pest control professionals are trained to evaluate damage, locate the source, eliminate it, and recommend repairs.

IMPROVING YOUR HEALTH: Pest invasions create an unhealthy home environment by leaving unsanitary droppings. Some carry disease. When you spray insecticide or place poison around your home, you add even more toxins. However, experts, such as, can eliminate unsafe pests with eco-friendly products, such as Orange Oil and EcoSmart’s Green Solution products.

PERMANENT SOLUTIONS: Identifying and removing pests is only part of the problem. It is also critical that they are prevented from returning and pest control experts can do this. They can design a maintenance program for ongoing service that ensures insects are not a problem. Professionals may create one-way doors in access areas so that rodents and other animals can get out, but not in. Pest control technicians will also educate customers and explain how to avoid attracting pests. This may include removing food and water access and sealing areas of the home. It could include cleaning wood piles and other nesting areas.

Pest invasions are a nuisance and create an unhealthy home. It is hard for inexperienced homeowners to control pests, but professionals can locate every problem, design a safe solution for elimination, and ensure that the problem doesn’t return. They can help save a home’s structure and recommend needed repairs once pests have been removed.

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