Why a Turf Farm Often Provides a Homeowner’s First Lawn Care Service

by | May 1, 2020 | Landscaping

Homeowners often take pride in their beautiful lawns. It is common for properties to look like homeowners slaved over them or hired an exceptional Lawn Care Service. However, in many cases, elegant landscaping is created almost overnight. Residents simply order expertly grown sod that is designed to thrive in the area’s climate. It takes root quickly, can control soil washouts, and minimizes the amount of care needed to create a lush, green lawn.

Sod Provides an Instant Lawn

Although some homeowners and developers seed lawns, those who want fast, exceptional results order sod. Area turf farmers invite clients to “Browse our websites” and examine available grasses. The sites also explain the benefits of various options and make it simple for clients to arrange for delivery. Experts help clients determine the amount of sod they need, how to prepare the ground, and what care new sod requires. Once the sod is down, homes have instant lawns. Sod quickly takes root and, in no time, looks like it has been growing for years.

Sod Needs Minimal Care to Thrive

New sod is very easy to grow, but homeowners still need to learn about its care or hire a trusted Lawn Care Service. Unlike seeded area, newly sodded lawns do not require intensive care to keep growing, but watering is crucial. Professionals know how to test to ensure that grass is getting the water it needs. Sod is carefully treated at the farm where it is originally grown, so homeowners do not have to initially worry about insecticides and herbicides. It can take a year and constant work for a seeded lawn to look its best, but using sod produces a healthy, thriving lawn in a few weeks.

Sod Helps to Control Soil

Professionally grown sod also starts to control erosion as soon as it is laid. New sod protects soil from blowing away in strong winds or washing out in the rain. Grass takes root quickly, which keeps soil in place. With soil covered, there is also less chance of tracking dirt into homes.

Homeowners who want beautiful lawns often buy sod from turf farms and then have it laid on the prepared ground. Sod protects the soil and creates an instant lawn. It takes root quickly and requires minimal care to remain healthy and lush.

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