What to Know About Repairing Your Home’s Foundation

Are you experiencing cracks and damage to your home’s foundation? If so, you know how scary this can be. Homeowners often have many questions upon discovering this kind of damage, such as what it will mean for the life of their home and how it can be repaired. The solutions can be simple, if you’re willing to invest some time to research foundation repair in your area.

Before You Begin

It’s important to note that some foundation cracks and damage are too large or serious to repair on your own. When your home has cracks that are larger than a quarter of an inch ide or which have created stair-step cracks along the bricks or blocks of your foundation, you need to speak to a foundation repair pro. Contact a professional like the industry experts at Apex Waterproofing for foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and many other services. They can take care of everything from the root cause of your foundation issues to the problems they’ve created.

For Smaller Issues and Prevention

When the cracks or damages to your home’s foundation are smaller than a quarter of an inch or have not yet caused serious issues, it may be possible to prolong the life of your foundation and put off calling for professional Fairfax foundation repair for a while.

If cracks are small or short, they can usually be filled to prevent spreading. This may not work as a permanent solution, but it can extend the life of your foundation. Choose a professional-grade filler for your cracks; ask the staff at your local hardware store for tips on which one to choose. They will typically recommend something strong, yet elastic, such as a vinyl concrete patch, which will allow for the shrinking and expansion of concrete that naturally occurs with the changing of the climate throughout the year.

Providing ongoing maintenance to your home is important, and that goes for everything from the foundation, upward. Use prudent maintenance measures, and you may be able to avoid foundation crack repair for many years to come.

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