What Makes Windows Energy Efficient?

When homeowners consider window replacement, they hear a lot about energy-efficient options that exist. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of options for energy-efficient windows, and it can be difficult to figure out which option is best for your home. When you break down all these options to their very basic characteristics, you’ll find that the energy efficiency of a window is based on three main factors:

Frame Quality

The first thing that makes a window replacement more energy efficient is the quality of the frame. Having a stronger frame that eliminates air flow helps keep your home cooler or warmer, and also helps to prevent water from getting in during rain or snow. Another thing to consider is how insulated the frame is. Some frames are filled with insulating foam that can help prevent energy loss.

Glass Quality

The next factor is the quality of the glass itself. Glass that has special coatings to make it more energy efficient will help to reflect heat away from your house in the summer, protect your skin from UV rays when the sun is streaming in, and offer better insulation for warmth in the winter. Windows that are made with a gas fill are another option for helping minimize heat exchange for better energy efficiency. Look for windows that are rated with the Energy Star requirements to ensure that you are choosing a high-quality glass.

Number of Panes

Finally, multiple panes are always better than a single pane when it comes to energy efficiency. Two panes of glass will prevent heat exchange much better. But do consider how the panes are separated. Warm-edge spacers or gas fill between panes will be better than panes simply separated by air. Look for windows that are highly rated for their insulating properties.

These three factors are the main things that determine how energy efficient a window will be.

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