What are tree loppers and how do they work?

by | Sep 26, 2014 | Home and Garden

There are a number of different cutting type tools that are used around the garden, each one looks and acts differently and has a different purpose. There are various types of pruning shears which are hand held and used to keep bushes well trimmed, box shears which are used to manage the shape of ornamental trees and grass clippers which are used to tidy up around the edges of flower gardens and tree loppers. Tree loppers are designed with long handles and a cutting head in the shape of a hook, this garden tool is used to cut branches, vines, etc that are too large for general purpose pruning shears or are out of easy reach.

One of the principal features that differentiate tree loppers from any other type of garden shear is the length of the handles. Although the average length is a little of a foot the handles can be anywhere between nine inches and two feet. It is the length of the handles that give the gardener the advantage when trying to cut branches that are out of reach of other shears, this is handy as it eliminates the need to bring a ladder to reach the branch.

The handles are lightweight and strong, usually lopping shear handles are made from aluminum or carbon fiber. Although they both work perfectly well and are easy to manage, aluminum handled loppers are normally less expensive than carbon fiber. Regardless of the handle material, they are covered with plastic or rubber grips which are designed to absorb shock, this makes them much easier and more comfortable to use and there is less potential of a wrist injury.

Tree loppers have two blades, both of which are designed for cutting through larger diameter branches. The blades are normally made from high carbon steel; this material tends to hold a sharp edge longer than other materials. The hook design of the cutting head allows the gardener to wrap around stubborn tree roots without digging into the ground and possibly damaging other roots. In many designs that half of the head which does not do the cutting is serrated, this allows for a good grip on the branch, vine or root that is to be cut.

There are some loppers which operate the same but have straight blades rather than one being hooked. These tree loppers look very much like standard garden shears other than the longer handles.

A gardener’s arsenal of tools is not complete without tree loppers. These useful tools allow the gardener to take out heavy branches, tree roots and thick vines with ease. You are invited to shop for these tools at BlueStone Garden.

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