We Offer More than Carpet Cleaning Services in Portland

Cleaning a business at the end of the day can be a time-consuming task that most employees want to avoid doing. In a professional office, no one wants to stick around after five o’clock to take out the trash or dust desks. Fortunately, along with carpet cleaning services in Portland, Praise Cleaning Services also offers professional janitorial services for companies of all sizes.

Save Money by Hiring Praise

If you run a small business in Portland, you may think you can save money by cleaning your offices yourself. However, along with being time-consuming, buying all of the supplies you need can get expensive. You will need different cleaners to tackle cleaning windows, cleaning your restrooms and mopping your floors. You will also need supplies for vacuuming your carpets, such as vacuum bags and spot remover.

Along with the paper towels you will need, buying all of these supplies can get expensive. The responsibility of cleaning would most likely fall onto the owner of the business or the management staff who may not always have time to do it properly. To help a business maintain a professional appearance, our janitorial services will handle everything from cleaning windows to carpeting cleaning services.

There will be no need to buy and store cleaning supplies at your business as our cleaners will come with everything they need to make sure everything is spotless at the end of the night. We will charge your company for our complete services, which will help you save both time and money. You will not have to lift a finger, or even take out the trash, when you hire our janitorial services.

Flooring Cleaning Services

Along with our carpet cleaning services and janitorial services, we also offer professional floor care for businesses and homes. If you have a waxed tile floor, we can renew its look by stripping off the old wax and applying new coats of wax. This will help your floors look cleaner and maintain a glossy shine. To help maintain your revitalized floors, Praise Cleaning Services also offers floor polishing.

Whether your floors have carpet, hardwood or linoleum, we can clean them on a regular basis to remove stains, remove yellow wax build up and keep them looking new as long as possible. We can schedule your floor cleaning on a regular basis to keep them clean and help you save both time and money on floor care.

Instead of buying all the supplies you need to clean your offices, consult with Praise Cleaning Services about their professional office cleaning services. They can do all of the dirty work for you, helping to free some of your time. Also, inquire about floor care services for your business too.

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