Water Belongs into the Swimming Pool, Not in The Crawl Space

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Home Improvement

Water is such an essential part of summer fun that, most of the time, you never think about Waterproofing.  Concord NC gets so hot that you want to spend most of your summer at the swimming pool, beach, or water-slides.  Where you do not want water, however, is in the crawl space of your house.  A Sealed Crawl Space can prevent mold growth and insect infestations.

How Does Water Get into the Crawl Space?

Water can get into the crawl space in several ways.  The most obvious way it can get in is through leaks in the roof.  When the roof gets damaged by hurricanes or other strong storms, the water can stagnate in the crawl space.  Even when there is not a big storm, moisture can still seep into the crawl space from drains and gutters.  Dry Otter Waterproofing is in the business of protecting crawl spaces from water damage.

Why Crawl Space Encapsulation Is Essential

You probably never go into the crawl space of your house, but it affects your everyday life.  Mold in the crawl space can get into the vents and into the air supply.  Because people so rarely think about the crawl space, its wood can get severely eroded before anyone notices there is a problem.  Having a crawl space in good condition can add value to your home.  All the parts of your house are connected, so weakness in the crawl space can lead to weakness in the other structures.  Crawl space encapsulation and basement Waterproofing Concord NC are a good investment.  They are good for your health and for the safety of your house.

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