Using Roof Installation in Hitchcock, TX to Repair Asphalt Shingles

A roof is one of the most important parts of a home, if not the most important. Roof Installation in Hitchcock, TX has been a growing enterprise for the area for decades. This is because of the quality of work and effort that each contractor puts into each job. Of course, each case is different and your home may be a total mess. However, what if you have some asphalt shingles that need some repairs? Even better! In most cases, these professionals can be on and off your house in a day.

Below, we try to explain a little more in detail what goes into Roof Installation in Hitchcock, TX including the repair of asphalt shingles. Roofers like to stress to people that performing these repairs is not complicated, but working on the roof is. If you think you can handle the repair, be safe about it. Here are some recommendations that will help your work be more effective and satisfying:

*     If the deck is over a 30º slope, it is better to stay on the ground. You are advised to call a professional who specializes in Roof Installation in Hitchcock, TX.

*     If it is under a 30º slope, make sure you use a firm ladder. In fact, ensure it is left on a good foundation.

*     Never work near power lines.

*     Do not work in the rain.

*     All roofing work should be done with work gloves. This will help prevent injuries from occurring.

Repairing Asphalt Shingles

Tip: Roof Installation in Hitchcock TX also states that asphalt shingles break after years of use, normally due to damage caused by wind, rain, storms and other weather phenomena.

*     Applying adhesive

. Wait until a sunshiny day, so you can bend the tile without cracking it. If it breaks, you have to change the tile, which is a bit more complicated. Carefully and slowly, lift the front of the broken tile and apply the adhesive with a spatula. If the tile is cracked, make sure you apply adhesive on both sides of the crack.

*     Nail the shingle

. Nail the shingle down on both sides of the crack.

*     Cover with adhesive

. Cover up crack and nail heads with adhesive.

For more information on Roof Installation in Hitchcock, TX, contact your local roofing company today.

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