Types of Window Treatments in Burlington Vermont

There are many different Window Treatments Burlington Vermont companies offer. Instead of having a plain window with no sort of blinds or shading, a homeowner should purchase these items to make the home look nicer. Window treatments add color and style to the home.

Blinds or Shades
Blinds and shades are both very similar. They are each used to cover a window, providing protection from the sun and the outside world. Most people do not want others to see into their windows, so they at least add some blinds or shades so no one can see inside. Most blinds are made of plastic, but there are others that are made of wood, fabric, and even metal. To open the blinds or shades, there is typically a string to pull or a rod to twist.

Curtains are a very popular Window Treatments in Burlington Vermont. Whereas blinds and shades are typically plain in color, curtains come in all sorts of different styles. Some purchase curtains that match the furnishings in the room. For example, if the couch pillows are blue, the curtains will be blue to match them. It brings the room together and adds a nice touch. Although most people add curtains simply for the look of them, they do also serve the purpose of keeping out sunlight and providing energy efficiency.

A valance is another type of window treatment. This is used to help feature the area below it. By putting a valance at the top of a window, for a example, it draws attention to it. A valance is much like a curtain, only it does not cover the entire window, only a portion of it, normally across the top.

No matter what type of Window Treatments Burlington Vermont residents purchase, anything will work to help improve the overall look of the home. Residents can simply add blinds or shades for some extra protection from the outside, or add curtains that will draw the room together with its appealing color. Valances, curtains, blinds, shades, and any other types of window treatments can be purchased from Design Matters. They will help design the room to make it look the best it possibly can.

Window Treatments in Burlington Vermont


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