Types of Roofs That Competent Roofing Contractors can Install

by | Jul 19, 2014 | Home Improvement

The roof is an important determinant of how comfortable and safe a building will be to live in. Besides keeping harsh weather out, the roof also protects the walls, the basement and building foundation from exposure to rainwater that would lead to water damage. This means the roof quality eventually determines the structural integrity of the building and the durability of the structure. It is therefore crucial to make sure that only competent people are hired to install, maintain and repair the roof. There are several roofing styles that are popular for both residential and commercial buildings:

  • Gable roofs: These are roofs that are triangular in shape. They are made in such a manner to allow maximum run-off from the house. The degree of the slope will vary depending on the contractor’s choice. The cross gable roof is a variation of this roof whereby several designs of the basic gable roof recombined. The other great thing about this roofing style is that when well installed, it offers maximum protection to the walls against water damage.
  • Hipped roofs: These are roofs that are made in such a manner that they slope up from all sides of the structure. They are made in that manner to protect all sides of the building from elements of the weather. People prefer this roofing style because it offers extra shelter on the porch and eliminates the need for window and door awnings. A cross hipped roof is another variation of the hipped roof. It is used on buildings that have a design that is a little more complex than a simple rectangular design.

These are just a couple of the roofing styles that a competent Roofing Contractor should be able to design for you. The other things that you need to think of before choosing on a contractor include the roofing material, the amount of time the project will take and the cost of the whole project. Task Construction is one of the best providers of roofing services. They install, maintain and repair all roof types and styles. For details about their services

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