Types of Modern Shutters Available

When most people think of modern shutters, they think of roller blinds because they’re highly dependable, functional, and look great on any home. Along with such, they’re easy to use, require little maintenance, and they provide you with a touch more security and privacy than traditional curtains or blinds. They’ve always been seen as an excellent option for those who want a solid design that’s lightweight. You never have to worry about having to reinforce the frames. Along with such, they’re available in a variety of colours, sizes, and styles.

Modern shutters have four primary types. Built-in versions are fixed into the beam above your door/window. However, you can also find built-on versions that install the beam if one isn’t there. Manual shutters are also available and mean you operate them by hand. A third option includes motorised shutters; they have a motor that fits into the roller, which allows them to move with the touch of a button. Integrated versions are also available, where the shutter and window work as one unit. However, many people prefer shutters on their outside spaces, such as the patio. They may also use a louvre roof on top to fully control how much sunlight gets in.

At SP Screens, they know that many homeowners want a secure home, but they also want it to look good and be highly functional. Their range of modern shutters allows you to be in control of your home’s décor. Their outdoor roller shutters are perfect for a patio. They’re made of aluminium, but they also have polyurethane foam injected into the panels to keep them strong and insulated. If you’re looking for something for inside, plantation shutters are perfect. While they were popular in the past, they’re now becoming popular once more and look excellent with a variety of styles.

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