Tips that Can Help You with Pre-hung Door Installation in Tempe

by | Sep 9, 2014 | Windows And Doors

The main purpose of doors in a building is to act as an access control mechanism. Other secondary roles that are played by doors include being part of the general design of the house and ventilation. Therefore, when installing doors, you have to balance the utility of the door and its beauty. One of the common door types found in homes is the pre-hung door. Here are some tips that will be of great help when you are planning a pre-hung Door Installation in Tempe.

Paint the door before installing it

According to, you are supposed to paint a pre-installed door before you install it. If you bought a door that was painted at the store, check to make sure that the top and the bottom of the door have been painted. This is because if you install an unpainted door, you will be running the risk of getting moisture getting to the door and warping it. Avoid taking an installed door off the hinges to paint it as this may interfere with the ability of the door to swing freely in the frame.

Dealing with the bottom shims

It is essential to create a level ground for the bottom of the door to rest on. Get a level and lay it across the opening that the door will go into, use wooden shims to make a straight level. If you have a wooden floor, you can simply nail the shims in place. On the other hand, if you have a concrete floor, you can use adhesive to attach the shims to the floor.

Making the frame shims

You will need wooden shims around the door frame to keep the frame square. This is as simple as nailing a shim on each side of the door and adding other shims to the top and the bottom of the door frame. According to the construction website, HammerZone, using shims makes it easier to line up the door frame on the wall as you install it.

Those are a few helpful tips when doing Door Installation in Tempe. Instead of struggling with difficult DIY building projects, you can hire experts such as Paramount Windows of AZ to handle the construction for you. Visit for further details.

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