Tips From Gutter Cleaning Specialists In Bemidji MN

by | Apr 25, 2024 | Roofing Contractor

The fall of the year is the best time to get your home in order before the winter starts setting in. For many homeowners, this will mean it’s time again for a thorough gutter cleaning. Most people find this to be a disgusting and tedious task. At worst, it’s a scary and sometimes dangerous endeavor. One small misstep can send you heading to a hospital with broken bones and a possible bruised ego. If this doesn’t appeal to you, hiring gutter cleaning specialists in Bemidji MN just might be the best option.

Safety Precautions Must Be Observed

If you decide to clean out your gutters, safety should always be the first concern. Make certain you use a ladder that is sturdy and safe, preferably with a shelf strong enough for holding a container to collect debris. The container should be secured with a strong lanyard. A four-legged stepladder is generally recommended for single story homes, and extension ladders for two-story homes. It must be well constructed and able to hold your weight.

Use a Sturdy Ladder

Never use wooden ladders as they often are wobbly and difficult to balance safely. Fiberglass seems to be very sturdy, but is usually the heaviest. If cleaning out the gutters is going to take several hours or more, fatigued muscles can result from moving a heavy ladder around. When this is the case, try an aluminum ladder. They are also good for support and strength.

Safely Removing Debris

The first step in the cleaning process is removing the heavier debris. This is best accomplished with a plastic scoop designed for this purpose which can be found at most hardware centers. It is a unique tool as the front edge is quite thin with the body formed to fit the gutter trough. This makes it easier to remove even the toughest material in all size gutter systems. Try and stay away from metal scoops as they can damage inside caulking.

Washing out the Gutter

After all the leaves and dirt have been completely removed, the next logical step is using a garden hose with a trigger spray nozzle. This will remove any leftover lighter items such as pine needles and smaller leaves or twigs. Always make certain the water flow is toward the downspout. According to most gutter cleaning specialists in Bemidji MN, normal water pressure will work just fine.

Additional Safety Measures

Other safety precautions would include wearing gloves to protect your hands against rotting and dirty leaves that could contain bacteria. This also safeguards against painful cuts. Protective eyewear is also recommended against potential eye injury. Contact your local gutter cleaning specialists in Bemidji MN to handle the job.

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