Tips for Recycling from a Company that Offers Residential Curbside Trash Collection in San Antonio, TX

by | Sep 5, 2018 | Waste Management

Recycling is a very important aspect of reducing a family’s environmental footprint. On the other hand, it’s just as crucial to know what cannot be salvaged. Those who attempt to recycle unsalvageable items can compromise their usability. Those who are not sure what goes in their traditional garbage and what can be recycled are encouraged to use some tips from a company that offers Residential Curbside Trash Collection in San Antonio TX.

Items Containing Grease

If anything is oily, whether it’s a used paper towel or a greasy pizza box from last night, it shouldn’t be recycled. Oil is bad for paper recycling because it ruins the pulping process. Oil doesn’t mix with water very well. Those who choose to recycle plastic or metal objects should give them a very close look and be certain that they aren’t greasy. If they are, the residue can contaminate the process.

Shredded Paper

It is very common to shred mail and paperwork to protect a person’s confidential information. Most of these types of papers would be ideal to recycle. However, if they have gone through a shredder, the shredded strips can easily get caught in the machinery and slow down the recycling process. When placing it in the garbage, make sure it is bagged so it doesn’t blow around in the street or at the facility.

Plastic Bottle Caps

Plastic is one of the most complicated materials to recycle simply because there are so many types, and some of them aren’t recyclable. An example is a plastic bottle cap. The caps are almost always unsalvageable and should be separated and thrown out.

Aluminum Cans

One of the easiest materials to recycle is the basic aluminum can. It is easy to find places to recycle these, and the process is very fast. The same material can be reused almost limitlessly. Before placing in the recycle bin, ensure that it has been rinsed and is free of food or grease.

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