Those who Live in Glass Houses

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Modern and contemporary homes are generally designed to add light and shade to a room using the blend of nature and the man-made to come together and work as one. Some architects of modern structures have an innate need to return to the natural and they tend to favor wooden elements that blend perfectly into the setting of the home. For those who are excited about architecture and the ability to conjoin as many natural elements into one structure it is no doubt a challenge to see how different perspectives on homes can impact the surrounding environment.

For instance, take two architects from two different perspectives and ask them to design a naturally blending home to the surroundings in which it will be set and you will no doubt see two totally different ideas of that brief. One architect may opt for a totally green home with all energy efficient appliances, glass walls, solar panels and other naturally enhancing and money saving ideas. The other might take those ideas and expand on them or use them in a completely different, yet equally compelling way.

Living in a Glass House

Many a modern ‘mansion’ or country home can be built using a huge amount of glass. Glass walls are not as uncommon as they used to be and because of the technology used to reinforce glass, these days, it is not as difficult to use them in the structure of a new home or the extension of an existing one. A sun room is a good way to bring solar energy into your home and glass patio doors can offer natural light and warmth, even during the winter.

The natural beauty of the surrounding landscape can be essentially brought into the home with the use of the huge glass doors or walls and blend the grass and trees around the house with the structure of the timber frame.  As people begin to realize that global warming really could pose a danger, they are becoming far more conscious of using more natural resources and sustainable resources to build homes and structures. The idea of living in a cabin in the woods so that we can get back to being one with nature is definitely a notion that is on the rise.


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