Things to consider prior to hiring a gutter contractor

Gutters, along with roofs, are two things that a homeowner gives scant attention to. The roof in particular requires very little maintenance until perhaps its ten years old. The gutters, although they may not need replacing, most certainly need routine maintenance.

If your gutters have either been left to rot through lack of cleaning or they are old and dilapidated, they will need replacing.

* Gutters are available in a host of different materials; galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper and vinyl are the favorites, they all have their pros and cons, mostly it is a matter of budget and home character. It would seem out of line to have a gutter contractor in Fairfax install vinyl on a period home; conversely, copper gutters on a retail shop would be out of line.

* However, it does not matter what material or what building you are considering, the gutters must be installed by a professional gutter contractor in Fairfax, your job is to identify the right contractor.

* Gutters are something which is a practical necessity but, they also add curb appeal to your home. When you first begin talking to potential candidates, get the names of a few customers they have worked with, and call them. When you ask a contractor for references, always insist that the job he did was some time ago, perhaps three to four years. At times, the quality of the workmanship, if poor, will only show up after time.

* You most certainly want a gutter contractor in Fairfax which is reliable. One of the questions you will want to ask the reference list is the reliability of the contractor.

* Of all the attributes, perhaps workmanship is the most important. When the gutter contractor in Fairfax has completed the job, is it exactly what you had expected? In a rain, does the water flow properly, is the water being dispersed into the yard where it should be? Along with excellence of installation, the contractor must make sure the water is dispersed in such a manner it does not pose a problem to your landscaping or the foundations.

* You will no doubt have chosen the material you want for the gutters on your home. Find out the source of the materials and call them, ask if the contractor you are interviewing is known to them and what his reputation with them is. The material supplier is a great source of information on the contractors who purchase and install his product.

* As the installation is going to be some distance above ground, you must make sure that the gutter contractors in Fairfax have workers compensation insurance, should an employee be injured, as well as liability insurance in the event of damage which has been caused during installation.

To get a quality installation you have to spend some time in finding the ideal installer.

Roofing by RLI is an excellent choice of a gutter contractor in Fairfax. Using quality product and superior workmanship can give you an installation that, with the proper maintenance, can last for many years.

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