Things To Consider Before You Buy Hardwood Flooring

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Flooring

If you have decided to purchase and install hardwood flooring in your home; congratulations, you have opted to go with a floor that is known for its timeless beauty. To ensure that you make all the right choices there are a few things that you should take into account.

The species of wood: There are many different hardwoods; each has its own distinctive characteristics. The color of Aurora hardwood flooring depends a great deal on which part of the tree the wood came from; grain is totally dependent on the species and the way it was cut. As the material is natural it is only reasonable to expect that there will be variations in the color and grain; it is these natural traits that give a hardwood floor its unique beauty.

Pre-finished slats: As the term implies, pre-finished hardwood floors arrive on site ready to be installed, they are sanded, screened and stained before they leave the factory. Pre-finished hardwood is given oats of urethane which, when dried under factory conditions, create a long lasting and beautiful finish.

Finish on site: Whereas pre-finished hardwood flooring is ready to be installed with no further ado, finish on site requires that the flooring be installed, sanded, stained and finally sealed with urethane in the home. Although a skilled installer can customize the results unlike anything that can be purchased, the process of finishing on site takes more time and is far dirtier.

If you opt for “finish on site” you must consider the amount of dust the process raises. It is literally impossible to create a true dust-free environment, as a result you can expect some dust to settle on the urethane topcoat while it is still wet and there may be evidence of sanding marks. If imperfections of this nature concern you then pre-finished slats are your best option.

Hardwood flooring allows you to create a flooring masterpiece. When you shop for Aurora hardwood flooring at Best Buy Carpet and Granite you have a wide choice of species, stains and finishes. Like us on our facebook page.

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