The Many Benefits Of Chimney Relining Great Falls

by | Apr 9, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

A chimney liner is essential for any home. This liner covers the interior of the flue and chimney liners work to remove the gases and smoke created by a fireplace or other fuel burning appliance. The smoke and gases are safely vented outside. Liners come in a wide variety of materials, including aluminum and clay tile. If you have an older chimney, you may wish to look into Chimney Relining Great Falls. There are many benefits to be had when you have your chimney relined.

Requesting a Chimney Relining Great Falls increases the overall safety of the home. Old clay tile liners and unlined chimneys may have missing mortar or cracked tiles. These openings can let smoke and noxious gases enter the interior of the home which could affect the health of your family. A stainless steel chimney liner prevents this and also helps to protect the chimney and home from corrosive combustion products. Liners come sealed so any substances emitted from the burning of the fuel never come into contact with the masonry chimney. Stainless steel also lasts an extended period of time and is corrosion resistant.

When using a stainless steel liner, you have the option of insulating the liner which helps to prevent creosote condensation in the flue. The liner keeps the combustion gases hotter as they move through the chimney. In addition, the insulation in the flue helps to prevent cold downdrafts in the chimney which may improve the overall energy efficiency of the home. Another benefit of insulating the liner is the good draft increases the fuel efficiency of the appliance.

Many new fuel burning appliances required the use of a stainless steel liner. Older furnaces and water heaters came with inefficient burners. These burners let off hot gases which wouldn’t condense before reaching the flue top. Thanks to improvements in the design of these appliances, cooler gases are now vented. Unfortunately, this can lead to corrosive condensation in the flue if stainless steel is not used. As this type of liner is very easy to install, the home owner receives a number of benefits without the high cost of replacing or adding a clay tile version.

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