The Intricacies of Woven Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs, also called Persian rugs, are specially woven area carpets designed and created originally in places like Turkey, Iran, India, and China. Rug weavers meticulously handcraft these carpets with tightly knotted wool and use special processes for dying the wool, creating the deep, luxurious colors often seen on oriental rugs.

Because the manufacturing process of oriental rugs requires hours of hand weaving, owners of these rugs often implement special care when choosing placement within the home. Our company offers rug cleaning in The Woodlands, Tx area for oriental rugs, insuring that your investment does not become damaged or prematurely worn from poor cleaning practices.

Pre-Designed Oriental Rugs

The majority of Persian carpets imported into the U.S. come from a factory that pre-designs all of the carpets. Designers often use traditional floral patterns that seem to sell well and meet the tastes and design styles of the average homeowner. In some cases, the weaver has the image constructed on the carpet before weaving, but often the weaver uses a drawing of the specific design and then chooses the color scheme while weaving.

One reason oriental carpets require special cleaning processes is because of the dye process used to create the colors. Traditionally, carpet weavers used roots or other vegetal items to create colors, which fade easily. However, rugs created for export and not local sales often use chemical dyes to insure even coloring and less fading. With proper rug cleaning, The Woodlands TX residents don’t have to worry about premature fading from harsh chemicals or scrubbing processes.

Custom Made Persian Carpets

There are oriental rug dealers who can order custom created rugs. Maybe you want to replicate an oriental carpet your grandmother used to have, or you have a specific idea in mind for your home’s decor. With custom design, the importer can work with the factory to design the perfect carpet for your home. Custom ordering will cost more than investing in a pre-made carpet, but since these rugs improve the overall look and feel of any home, it’s an investment most homeowners are willing to make. With an annual rug cleaning, The Woodland TX residents can insure that the look and feel of their oriental rugs remain as close to original condition as possible.

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