The importance of using restaurant designers in Los Angeles

by | Mar 14, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Restaurant designers in Los Angeles are the people diners will never (knowingly) see, yet they place a fundamental role in making sure that diners (and staff) are as happy and comfortable as they can possibly be.

Ensuring that a restaurant is well-designed is partly a matter of law, partly a matter of practicality and partly a matter of consideration towards other people, other people in this case meaning, diners, staff and the public in general.

Good restaurant design keeps restaurateurs on the right side of the law

The law requires that restaurants be designed with safety in mind. For practical purposes this means ensuring that there is minimal possibility of any harm coming to anyone through the restaurant’s activities. While many people think of this in terms of ensuring food hygiene, the requirement for safety actually extends much further than this. For example it involves ensuring that there is a safe and secure way of disposing of rubbish which will not inconvenience the public at large (e.g. by being torn open by vermin or by creating unpleasant smells). The law also requires that building design takes into account the needs of Americans with Disabilities (commonly known as the ADA requirements).

Good restaurant design keeps restaurants safe

Practicality requires that staff and diners are able to go about their activities in safety and comfort. Kitchen staff spend their lives working with hot surfaces, moving pans containing hot contents and very sharp objects. Good design enables them to do this safely and quickly. Servers need to be able to get food from A to B, quickly and with the minimum of fuss. When they are in the public eye, they need to look professional and appealing. Using good design to minimize the effort they need to spend on managing practicalities, leaves them free to manage the diners. Diners need to have enough space to eat and to move their chairs in and out without bumping into their neighbors. They also need to be able to access clearly-marked restrooms, sometimes at speed. Both staff and diners need to be able to exit the building safely in the event of an emergency.

Good restaurant design shows consideration

Consideration towards other people refers equally to staff, diners and members of the general public. Frequently their needs overlap. For example by providing effective air-conditioning systems to manage cooking smells, staff and diners enjoy a better atmosphere while members of the public are spared unpleasant odours. Likewise even in this day and age, there are many people who still need to find somewhere to smoke, which generally means outside. By designing a restaurant so that there is at least one clearly-designated smoking area, complete with bins, staff and diners can feel comfortable going to smoke, non-smokers can avoid the area and litter should be avoided.

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