The Carpet Cleaning Process Explained In Detail

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Carpet Cleaning Service

Unlike tiles or hardwood, carpet generally needs to be cleaned by a professional. Since you cannot mop a carpet, it is very difficult for a homeowner to sufficiently clean a carpet. Carpet cleaning in Ferndale WA is a complex process that involves multiple stages and requires commercial equipment that cannot be bought in stores.

The problem with most carpet cleaning sprays is that they contain harsh and brash chemicals. While they may be useful for removing a stain, they can also damage the fiber strands. This is why you should contact a cleaning company that uses natural cleaners that will effectively remove dust and allergens.

Carpet Cleaning Supplies Ferndale WA normally begins with an inspection to identify potential issues. This is followed by proper vacuuming, which will remove all surface debris and prevents dirt from being grounded even deeper into the strands, which will only make it harder to remove.

The next phase would be to remove moisture from the carpet. A dry carpet also makes for a healthier home. This is where a natural carpet cleaning liquid comes in handy. Natural cleaners use a carbonation process to lift the dirt and water out of the strands. This step is extremely important because the longer the moisture remains in the carpet, the more likely mold and bacteria can accumulate in the area. The final phase often involves grooming, which is done using a rake or brush. This step helps reduce the drying time by lifting the separated rug fibers.

It is recommended that a carpet is cleaned every 12 months. Carpets in public facilities should be cleaned even more often because of the higher amount of foot traffic. With carpet cleaning in Ferndale WA, your carpet will receive the care and maintenance it needs. A professional cleaner will extract all the ground dirt as well as give the carpet a new look by getting the piles of strands to lift up. Carpet that gets heavy foot traffic tends to look flat from being constantly stepped over. Lifting the strands can help to restore the appearance.

Most carpet cleaning services also clean rugs and furniture, which are just as susceptible to moisture, dirt and other small debris. Moisture is the enemy of carpets and upholstery, so be sure to contact a cleaner for periodic cleaning or in the event of exposure to large amounts of water. To know more about Carpet cleaning in Ferndale WA visit Northwest Professional Services. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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