The Advantages Of Travertine Floors

by | Sep 9, 2015 | Home and Garden

For anyone considering travertine floors for a kitchen area, understanding the benefits of this beautiful natural stone flooring option makes a lot of sense. The options this flooring material provides, as well as its natural properties, make it good match in all types of homes from cozy and rustic to classic and modern in design.

Perhaps it is the sheer versatility and beauty of travertine that makes this a natural flooring that never goes out of fashion and style. In fact, the popularity of travertine continues to grow in both residential and commercial flooring projects across the United States and around the world.

Beauty and Originality

As a natural stone, each of the tiles that make up travertine floors is unique. This uniqueness can include the specific tones and colors making up the pattern in the tile or the slight variations in the background color.

With both dominant and more subtle pattern variations in the stone, you can match the tiles with any of your room décor and design features. You can choose neutral, earthy color with subtle patterns in ivory, creams or tans or a more bold color choice with rich golds, rusts and beautiful brown to black accents.


As a natural stone, travertine is extremely durable. In addition, because the color and the pattern is throughout the stone and not just on the surface, there is never a concern with fading or discoloring, even if light from a window or a door falls on your floor area.
When installing travertine floors, the durability combined with the workability of this stone makes it a go-to option for custom home designers and top renovators. Travertine is much easier to cut and shape to fit into any corner or space in a room, giving your floor a perfect look no matter how uniquely shaped it may be.

Environmental Factors

Unlike carpet or some man-made types of flooring options, there are no VOCs or volatile organic compounds released by travertine. This is true for its entire life, which will extend over generations with just routine care.

With its durability, color, beauty and its positive environmental factors, travertine really is a flooring that is ideal for a home construction or the renovation or upgrade to an existing home. Work with a top travertine dealer to ensure you get the best product and the best selection for your home interior.

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