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By now everyone knows that installing new countertops to a home can drastically change the look of a room as well as add value to the home. The difficulty comes in choosing what type of countertop to go with. There are so many options that it can actually be mind boggling. One type of countertop that is quickly gaining in popularity is the quartz countertop.

Durability, Popularity, and Hygiene

There are several reasons for installing Quartz Countertop for Phoenix. One of the main reasons that customers go with quartz countertops is that quartz is extremely durable. It is also very scratch resistant and is one of the hardest stones known. That means that it is much less likely to chip, crack, or break through repeated use.

A second reason for its popularity is quartz is practically stain proof. It is not porous at all so anything that spills on it will simply run off. That makes it extremely easy to clean. Plus, there is no need to panic when a spill does happen on a quartz countertop.

Another benefit of being so nonporous is for health reasons. There is nowhere for any bacteria, mold, or mildew to cling to on a quartz surface. That means that there is much less worry about getting sick from bacteria, mold, or mildew seeping into the surface of the countertop. A simple wipe with a rag and cleaner will do the trick.

Some quartz countertops are even manufactured with an antimicrobial compound built right into the surface of the stone. This helps prevent any bacteria, mold, or mildew from even surviving on the surface of the countertop. That adds an additional level of cleanliness.

Get Quartz Cheap

Now in years past people chose to go with Quartz Countertop for Phoenix because it was cheaper than some of the other alternatives for stone countertops. Today, since it has gained such popularity, the price of quartz countertops is almost equivalent to other types of stone countertops. In some instances, they are actually even more expensive.

As more and more people see the benefits of having quartz countertops in their home, this will only help to increase its popularity. This will in turn help to add more value to a person’s home because it will help to increase the resale value of the home.

These are just a few of the characteristics of quartz that is helping to make it such a popular choice for now countertops. Just like with all other stones, the costs can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. This can include the thickness of the quartz, the design of the quartz, and the overall shape and cut out needed for the countertop.

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