Talk to an Expert Regarding Replacement Windows in Palatine, IL

New windows can cut down on drafts and reduce utility costs. Quality replacement windows can also provide a break from heat build-up with UV shielding. When choosing Replacement windows in Palatine, IL, homeowners can also update the look of their home and enjoy a more modern look.

Choose the Window Configuration

Single and double hung windows are a common feature in many homes of a certain vintage. Either the bottom part of the window slides up to open the window, or the top drops while the bottom rises. To get a more modern look, consider installing casement windows.

The view from a casement window is clearer because there is no bar across the middle. Many casement windows crank out, inviting in more fresh air. Changing up the look of a house can be as simple as changing the window style and the way in which they open.

Add a Picture Window

For those in a house with banks of single or double hung windows, putting in a picture window flanked by casement windows can improve the view from inside and out! Another option, quite popular in areas that get a lot of rain, is to install fixed picture windows above hopper windows that open out from the bottom.

Once the replacement experts have measured your current windows, your options are truly endless for replacement windows in Palatine, IL. Reach out to the window professionals at Olson Windows, Doors, Siding & Roofing for a conversation about what is possible in window replacement for the home.

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