Summer is coming, time to prepare the swimming pool

by | Jun 30, 2015 | Swimming Pool

After no activity for a few months there is little doubt that your backyard pool looks more like a swamp than a place to enjoy. Before you can open your pool for summer fun you have to clear the water, remove all the floating debris, remove the crud that has settled to the bottom and restore the chemical balance. Many people will use swimming pool cleaning services in Jacksonville Beach but if you are inclined to do the job yourself there is a right way and a wrong way to do it, here is a guide to opening your pool correctly.

Before starting with the cleaning suggestions it should be noted that water should be left in the pool all year around. Never empty the pool unless there is a very good reason for it such as a structural repair. All you need to do is cover the pool during the period when it is not in use. It is hard to believe but if the pool is emptied and your home is situated where there is a high water table the pool can actually lift out of the ground.

Leave the cover on while you reassemble the filter system, clean all the baskets and generally tidy up. The water level may have dropped during the period when the pool was closed, if so top the water up. Make sure the filter is clean before you turn it on, depending on the type of filter either backwash the pool or clean the cartridge with a hose.

Even if you are doing the basic opening procedures yourself it is always a good idea to call the swimming pool cleaning services in Jacksonville Beach to come out and test the water or you can take a sample to them for in-house lab testing. A pool service company can test everything including the mineral content, chlorine, pH and alkalinity, furthermore they can give you advice on how to adjust the levels properly.

Once you have added the necessary chemicals you will still have to wait for a few days before you jump in the pool. Until the water is crystal clear you will have to continue cleaning the filters daily, the entire process can take upwards of a week. To keep everything at the right level you might have to add some chorine. Once you can see the bottom of the pool and the water is clear, pull off the cover, vacuum the debris from the bottom and enjoy.

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