Guests Appreciate Bathroom Hand Dryers

While the debate still rages on about which type of drying offers the most convenience and environmental benefits, a winner has quietly been emerging. While some people will still go for the paper towel, there are several ways to guide your guests to this cost-saving and eco-friendly convenience. Compare the benefits for yourself.

The Hygienic and Budget Friendly Choice

Two of the main issues people have with bathroom hand dryers are the time it takes for them to work and the noise. With today’s modern choices, there are multiple ways to ensure speedier results and noise reduction. With the latest technological advances, you can offer your guests a product that delivers HEPA filtration and antimicrobial technology that delivers a hygienic alternative to paper products.

When it comes to noise reduction, choosing a product that delivers high-speed service with minimal noise and distraction is possible. Working with optimal design in mind, offset entryways and the size of your restroom can help determine which product will provide the optimal noise control and fastest drying time. Purchasing a product with variable speed control can help give you options when it comes to your product.

When you eliminate the expense of cumbersome paper towel holders and stop the mess from accumulating in your restroom, you will be providing a more sanitary and inviting environment for your visitors. People will always appreciate a clean and well-maintained restroom. When people walk into your restroom and see paper towels everywhere and wet floors, it makes a strong statement about your commitment to their health and safety. In a busy environment where paper can accumulate very quickly, offer your guest the better choice with bathroom hand dryers.

It will become quite apparent after just a few months use that your products are paying for themselves. Eliminating the ordering and replacement of countless pallets worth of paper towels will be quite noticeable. With less maintenance and cleaning requirements, you’ll save in other areas of operational costs.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Today’s environmental climate favors landfill reduction. By eliminating millions of cubic feet of waste in precious landfill space, this choice is the right decision. It is a proven fact that it takes more energy to produce paper towels than it is to dry your hands with a dryer.

If one of your concerns is about power consumption, there’s no need to be worried. Modern bathroom hand dryers are designed to reduce power consumption while still providing fast and hygienic drying. Many products offer drying times that are in the twelve-second range. With the lower wattage usage and superior filtration, you will provide your guests with reliable and convenient products they will enjoy.

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