Standing Seams Metal Type Roofing in Howard County

by | Mar 25, 2013 | Roofing

Standing seams metal type roofing in Howard County is present and prevalent throughout the county. It’s a class of residential sheet metal roofing that gives a beautiful and updated finish. It comes in many colors and is very fade resistant and they last an extremely long time. Needless to say you won’t have to worry about ceilings caving in due to water leakage, or any holes being created by hail storms. It’s actually comparable to the corrugated steel roofs that were popular long ago. Still a standing seam roof is a solid investment, and is considered the best type of “green” roofing in Howard County today. Aside from just residential it’s not uncommon to see it now installed in commercial applications, as well as industrial applications in addition to agricultural roofing in Howard County.

When it comes to drastic and quick temperature changes, seam metal roofing is the only roofing a homeowner will ever pay for again. It will take any kind of weather, hurricanes, hail, heavy snow and even ice dams for when roofing in Howard County sees those extreme winter days. The term “seamed” comes from the long vertical metal panels being overlapped and then crimped to join them together at the sides, which produces the ”seam”. It’s a locking system that forms when crimped together and it becomes water and weather tight.

The key to a successful standing seam metal roof is in the installation. It takes an experienced roofing contractor to install the system, but once it is installed there will be no need to maintain the roof further for decades to come, generally a term of 50 years or more.

They do come in multiple shades of colors and they also are coated with finishes that reflect the sun’s rays, which is really called infrared radiation, or IR. This really helps reduce the heat in the interior of the building during the summer months. It’s the finish of the IR coating that will produce a noticeable difference in the utility cost and the amount of hard running the air conditioning unit needs to run during the peak sun hours of the summer days. So this makes the standing seam metal roofing in Howard County both green for the environment (it’s 100% recyclable) and cost cutting on your electric bill.

Standing seam metal roofing in Howard County is now easier to install because it comes in pre-cut panels that are pre-ordered for your specific roof’s size. The standard size width can be made with zinc, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper, iron, and terne. It also can be rolled out and cut on site. The metal roofs are naturally flame retardant, and energy efficient while being good for the environment. Those are just a few of the reasons more homeowners are choosing standing seam metal roofing in Howard County. Visit website for more information.

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