Six Signs Your Garage Door Springs Need to Be Fixed or Replaced

The springs on your garage door are vital for both proper functioning and your home’s security. The repair or replacement of garage door springs is complicated, and not something you should attempt to do yourself. If it’s not done right, it could create a danger to anyone using the door. Seek out professional garage door spring repair in Tampa, FL, or wherever you live.

Here are a few common signs that your garage door springs are faulty:

  • The door is hanging crookedly.
  • The door stops in the middle of the opening.
  • The spring looks visibly worn or separated.
  • If you have ever run into the door with your car.
  • The spring has lost its tension and looks stretched out.
  • Your garage door doesn’t open or close with the automatic opener, even if the automatic opener seems fine.

Regular maintenance will help your garage door springs function properly and extend their lifespan. The springs, as well as the bearings, pulleys, and rollers, should be maintained once or twice a year.

If your garage door springs need to replaced, you’ll need to get the right size for the door’s weight to ensure smooth operation. Likewise, even if only one of the springs needs to be replaced, both should be replaced at the same time, for balanced tension. That will also ensure that the two springs will have a similar lifespan.

If you need garage door spring repair in Tampa, FL, contact Business Name for more information.

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