Signs its Time for Siding Replacement in Colorado Springs

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Home Improvement

As home ages, the siding eventually begins to crack and break. If this issue is left unattended, it can begin to impact other areas of the structure. Severely degraded siding can lead to leaks that will require costly fixes. Thankfully there are a variety of warning signs that should show their faces before the problem has become severe. Check out this list of reasons to look into Siding Replacement in Colorado Springs and hire a contractor before seemingly minor issues become more substantial problems.

Warped Siding

All homeowners should perform periodic visual inspections of their homes’ exteriors. During this inspection, look for warping, or rotting if the siding is made of wood. If any areas appear to be warped, take a screwdriver and poke up underneath them. If the wood beneath does not feel solid, it’s definitely time to get that siding replaced.

Increased Energy Bills

The cost of heating and cooling a home should be consistent from year to year. If it is not, it can be an indicator of a wide variety of problems. Failing to side is one of them. Check the seams to ensure that no air is being allowed in or out of the house. If the seams are cracked or pulling apart, call a contractor.

Loose Siding and Cracks

A couple of sheets coming loose after a serious storm does not constitute an emergency. Although they should be fixed as soon as possible, they are unlikely to lead immediately to structural damage. However, if many of the boards are becoming loose or visibly cracking, the situation is a bit more direr. Either way, these pieces must be replaced to prevent water from seeping in and causing further damage.

Peeling Paint or Loose Wallpaper

If the interior walls are degrading at a quick pace, it may be a sign that the siding is faulty. When this is the case, small amounts of moisture are seeping in through the outer layer of the wall, causing issues inside. There’s a good chance that the entire home will need its siding replaced and any further damage caused by this seepage will need to be addressed.

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