Selecting Your Commercial Exhaust Fans

Whether you have a new construction and you need new fans installed for the first time or you are upgrading your existing fans, you will need to choose the best commercial exhaust fans for your property. Some of the points you will need to keep in mind are energy output, ventilation capacity, running noise, mounting location, and much more. If this is your first time selecting commercial exhaust fans, comparing the different models and available features will assist you in making the best selection.

Some of the available models include:

  • Shutter mounted: These fans are frame mounted and designed with gravity dampers
  • Wall mounted: The most popular mounting method to adequately ventilate the air while removing unwanted heat.
  • Sidewall and roof mounted: This positioning allows for short duct runs and enhanced efficiency
  • Panel and guard mounted: These allow the air flow to be discharged from one area of the property to another
  • Supply fans: These types of fans are exhaust fans that are turned at a 180 degree angle to pull fresh air into the designated area.

When choosing your commercial exhaust fans, these models provide you with a great deal of flexibility regarding the positioning of your fan and other factors such as the direction of airflow. Another major factor to consider when choosing your fan is the amount of air changes the space will require. Researching the air change amount before making your selection will ensure sufficient ventilation in the desired space.

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