Selecting the Best Cooler Service Maple Grove MN Company

by | Apr 30, 2013 | Air Conditioning, Heating and Air Conditioning

Many different kinds of businesses depend upon reliable Cooler Service Maple Grove MN companies to keep their food and research specimens at the right temperatures. This includes restaurants, diners and cafes; grocery and convenience stores; liquor stores; refrigerated trucks, and hospitals and medical research facilities. Expensive foods can perish and become dangerous to eat. Patient test results can be compromised if their blood and tissue samples aren’t kept at the proper temperature. Dangerous compounds can become unstable if not kept under proper climate control conditions.

It’s easy to see why companies want highly trained and experienced professionals to design and maintain their refrigeration services which include commercial freezers, ice machines and coolers. A small diner might only need a small rack cooler to fit under the counter, while a large restaurant will need a large walk-in cooler. Seafood restaurants love to display their whole fish and beautiful fish fillets. To keep fish fresh and attractive seafood markets usually have a display cooler with plates of fish arranges on a bed of ice.

Expert professionals from the best Cooler Service company will be able to maintain and repair rack systems, one on one systems, chillers, self-contained systems, unique custom systems and even ice machines. Their technicians should be factory trained by all of the major cooler brands and proudly display their certifications. This ensures that the technicians will know the best and fastest way to fix the most popular models. Business owners who use the best technicians and have guaranteed maintenance plans will usually benefit from longer warranties. It’s critical that companies that provide Cooler Service Maple Grove MN understand that they must respond quickly to any requests for emergency service. Just a few hours can result in massive food losses at most restaurants. Food service or medical service providers will question repair companies about their guaranteed response time. They will want to know that the company maintains staffing levels so that night, weekend and holiday response times are adequate. Refrigerated truckers have special needs. They need to know that the service truck will come find them at the truck stop or meet them at headquarters.

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