Scare Away the Critters and Creepy Crawlies: Call Pest Management Services Fairfax, VA

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Pest Control

Arguably the most unappealing and frightening of all nature’s wonders to humankind is insects. When these critters are inside people’s homes or businesses, people generally do not take kindly. Even disregarding the common social stigma against insects in homes and businesses, they can be detrimental to one’s health and property. Locusts, Wasps, Hornets, and Hemipterans are notorious for being among the deadliest of insects. Termites, on the other hand, chew through wood and foundations steadily undermining the safety of one’s home and hurt people in a different manner. If one feels like one’s home or business is under attack, one should not feel afraid to call a pest control personnel member.

For Pest Management Services in Fairfax, VA there are many options. However, it is best to choose a business that fits one’s expectations and budgets. After making a list and contacting each business to ask about its services, interview each one to determine whether they are in it for the money or because they care about customer safety and health.

Residential services include evaluations regarding interior service for key areas, insect and rodent trapping or monitoring, and exterior perimeter power spraying or baiting. Unlike many other companies, Patton Termite and Pest offers brown recluse spider clean out, power dusting of crawl spaces and attics, and integrated pest management for those who are sensitive to chemicals.

Commercial services include baiting systems for rodents, cockroach elimination programs, and fly management. Commercial services also include the rodent monitoring and trapping and the exterior power spray that the residential locations have access to.

When selecting a shop that offers Pest Management Services Inc Fairfax, VA, look for a company that has the credentials and service years to back itself up.

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