Safety Tips for Enjoying A NJ Swimming Pool

Everybody loves to enjoy NJ swimming pools during the hot summer months. With more and more home owners and businesses choosing to install quality swimming pools on their property, the importance of maintaining certain safety rules are essential to ensure nobody gets hurt. Safety rules for swimming pools often vary based on location and who is swimming in the pools, however, here are some basic rules that every home and business owner should adhere to in order to keep safety first and foremost on everybody’s mind.

A NJ Swimming Pool Safety Tip: Always Ensure Adult Supervision

We all know that the main purpose for owning a NJ swimming pool is to entertain children during the summer months, however, it is because of this reason that maintaining an adult supervised pool facility is important for keeping all parties safe.

Children for the most part get very excited while playing in NJ swimming pools however, studies have confirmed that nearly 75% of all swimming related fatalities could have been prevented simply by having adult supervision. We’ve all heard horror stories of the child who drown in the swimming pool while home alone; make sure this never happens to you or your children. Make certain that children of all ages are supervised by adults.

A NJ Swimming Pool Safety Tip: Always Keep a Phone Close and Handy

The primary reason why adult supervision is suggested to enhance the safety of NJ swimming pools is not so the adult can jump in and rescue a child; but so the adult can contact professional authorities who can provide medical treatment quickly to revive a drowning victim. Unless an adult is CPR certified, they should not be asked to try to save a life, nor are they qualified to do so. However, an adult with a cell phone is a powerful tool to ensure overall pool safety. Make sure that there is a telephone handy in the back yard or location of the pool so that if an emergency crisis situation arises, the proper authorities can respond quickly.

A NJ Swimming Pool Safety Tip: Train at Least One Family Member in CPR

As we stated above, unless you are CPR trained, you should not attempt to save a life. There are multiple reasons why this is the case, but the primary one is simply, not knowing what to do can cause more problems to occur. This is why our third tip is to ensure that somebody in the household is trained in CPR. This can be done through the American Red Cross and several community centers, employers and government agencies for a very small free – sometimes even free.

The bottom line on pool safety is that the best way to prevent tragedy is to ensure you have the proper tools in place to try to:

* Prevent

* Contact

* Assist

These three things, preventing the accident with adult supervision, contacting the proper emergency responders when the accident occurs, and be CPR certified to offer assistance when help is not available.

When you own a NJ swimming pool, it’s important to have at least one of the home owners be certified in CPR just in case a tragedy occurs.

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