Resilient Vinyl Flooring in Firestone, CO Can Be Added to Kitchens and Bathrooms

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Flooring

If you have been seeking to upgrade your bathroom, you will find that a vinyl floor is an ideal floor to install. This same floor can also be added to a kitchen renovation because it resists moisture and spills. That is why vinyl is the preferred flooring choice today for young families.

An Easy-to-Maintain Floor

You can also select from some patterns and colors in resilient vinyl flooring in Firestone, CO. Therefore, some of the floors replicate the look of more expensive flooring materials but they are easier to maintain. A vinyl floor today is different than the vinyl floor of yesteryear. You only need to mop it with a dry mop or use a mild cleanser and water when you are cleaning it.

You can select from two types of resilient vinyl flooring for your home or business. You can lay down sheets that are about six or twelve feet wide or you can install tiles that are about 9” x 9” or 12” x 12”. While the sheets are more resistant to water, many homeowners opt for the tiles, which take on the look of ceramic at a far more economical cost.

Replacing Your Current Flooring

Resilient vinyl flooring is also installed in commercial venues where there is a good amount of traffic. Again, vinyl in a home is often used in more moisture-prone spots. Vinyl may also be used to replace a higher-maintenance floor covering such as carpet as well.

A vinyl tile floor can be either made as an inlaid vinyl tile or a rotogravure vinyl tile. Usually, it is better to choose the inlaid vinyl as it wears better over time. If you want to make a change for the better, you will not be disappointed when you choose vinyl for your primary flooring choice. Not only is it a great, durable floor type but it can be chosen in one of various patterns and colors to match today’s decors.

If you would like to learn more about this type of upgrade, visit the website that features a large array of vinyl floor products. Take your time and review the selection online.

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