Reduce the Need for Wildlife Removal in Janesville With These Handy Tips

by | Feb 21, 2013 | Pest Control

You may admire wildlife when you are exploring the great outdoors, but how would you react if you saw a bat, a raccoon or a mole making themselves comfortable inside your property? That’s right, you would probably freak out just like anybody else but don’t fret, because with wildlife removal in Janesville you can banish these unwanted visitors from your home. As effective as wildlife removal in Janesville can be, the problem may reoccur unless you take suitable steps to preventing future issues. Most wild animals will carry diseases and this is why you need to take action and get wildlife removal in Janesville before the problem gets out of hand.

Sealing the Entry Points

Do not ignore the entry points because if you do not replace missing tiles or shingle on your roof, animals will see this as an invitation to make themselves at home inside your property. It is not just the roof that acts as a common entry point but also, holes in walls next to pipe fittings and wires. You do not have to inspect your entire property to find the entry points, because normally there will be a trail of droppings leading to it. Animals like mice, rats and bats can enter very small holes, so take extra care to cover these holes with plastic sheets or pieces of thick cloth to reduce the need of wildlife removal in Janesville.

Maintaining the Roof

The roof of your home is exposed to harsh weather conditions throughout the year and no matter how old the roof is, you should still maintain it quite regularly. Animals can easily make their way onto your roof, especially birds. Because of this, you need to fix any problems as soon as they are noticed. Contact a professional to resurface an asphalt roof or if the tiles are coming loose, get new ones fitted. Roof maintenance is not only beneficial for deterring wildlife but also, for saving you money on repairs and preventing damp problems.

Cleaning the Attic

You may not want to venture into the dark depths of your attic that often, but if you do this once a month you will not need to get wildlife removal in Janesville. By cleaning the attic you can find animal droppings and call for help if necessary. As well as this, you will be able to target damaged areas and repair these to stop animals from making a home inside the attic.

Not all animals will be carriers of diseases, but the chances of roundworm, ticks, fleas and Leptospirosis will increase unless you pay for wildlife removal in Janesville. It is not just the health scare that should influence you to get help but also, the foul odors and the damage they can cause to your property. Visit to get same day service for the control of birds, skunks, pigeons, rats and other animals.

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