Recovery from Water Damage in Apple Valley, CA

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Home Improvement

Broken water lines, sewer back-ups, leaking roofs, cracked foundations, leaks in indoor plumbing, storms, and flooding can all cause extensive water damage in Apple Valley CA to a home. The water can do plenty of damage even if it is just confined to a basement. It can ruin appliances there like furnaces, water heaters, and electrical lines. Those also present a danger of a live current being in the water. While your first instinct may be to rush to the basement and turn off the power, don’t. Call for help from a qualified technician with a remediation company who is trained in what to do and knows the risks.

In addition to regular water damage in Apple Valley CA if a regular water line breaks, you’ve got an additional contamination problem if it’s a sewer back-up or flood water. Professional technicians are able to deal with getting the water itself out of all building materials and save as many of the contents as possible. They are also able to disinfect the area from the contamination of pathogens from molds and other bacteria.

To get rid of mold, the home has to be dried as soon as possible, because mold feeds on moisture and multiplies into colonies of mold. In fact, a small patch of mold that is no bigger than a postage stamp can be filled with 65 million spores of live, growing mold. Mold and water removal specialists will inspect the home, discover what caused the appearance of mold, and devise a plan to prevent it in the future. Professional services have testing equipment to test the property before and after the cleanup services to make sure the home is not just deodorized but also sanitized. Water remediation services can usually make a home livable again within three to four days.

The company may also provide extra services like securing the home, boarding it up to protect it from vandalism and installing temporary roof tarps to protect the home from the elements. Some water restoration companies even provide extra services like professionally cleaning several days’ worth of clothing for you, cleaning and deodorizing the home’s contents, and packing them and putting them into storage.

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